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Yana Ishchenko

Yana, coach at INCANTO studio in Vinnytsya. I’m very pleased with Liquid chalk. It doesn’t flake off, it doesn’t soil or stain clothes. It gives “stickiness” to my hands, which is very important personally for me. It’s more economical in use in comparison with other liquid chalks. Value for money is just perfect.

Tatyana Volkova

Tatyana, head of the Black Velvet pole dance studio in Chernigov and Nizhyn. Liquid chalk is cool! It dries the palms, and they acquire additional grab and stickiness. I and my girls really liked it, so we are waiting for the next batch;)

Olya Dobrovolska

Zhytomyr Oblast . "FitnessMania". I’m engaged in pole sports. Liquid chalk is very cool, it allows to have a good grip on a pole, it can be used for a long time ...

Sveta Raduga

Coach for Pole Dance in Rivne. Fitness center I ordered several tubes for myself and my clients. Everyone is happy. Very effective means at a relatively low price.

Yuliya Shoke

Thank you for the fast delivery)) and the excellent product. Success and good customers!!

Valya Mozharovskaya

I order Liquid chalk on a regular basis, and I really like it) Take it without hesitation